BT Chapter Information

Upcoming events:

  1. Spring Conclave:  April 9-11.  Visit for more info!

Website update: 

As many of you likely know, the information on the Boone Trails – Order of the Arrow page is woefully outdated. This is due to changes made by Council.  The members of our Chapter no longer have control over the content posted to the Boone Trails page, nor the Order of the Arrow sub-page of the GSLAC website (  We have been working with Council to update the page ASAP, and will continue to do so until updates are posted.  All of our updated information can be found on the Boone Trails Chapter page of the Shawnee Lodge website (  We have the ability to update and maintain this page and do so regularly.  Please refer to this website page and our social media for all and any updates.   Our apology for any confusion and frustration experienced.