Message from the Chief


Thank you for visiting our new and improved website! You can find any OA-related resource you need here!

I want to thank everyone who came to the November Chapter Meeting on 11/19. There was a ton of energy and the meeting was a great reminder of the word “cheerful” in the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service.

I encourage all to attend the Shawnee Lodge Winter Banquet on December 19. This will be held at Beaumont. (It will be outside, so bundle up!) The banquet is an afternoon of fun, fellowship, and–most importantly–FOOD! The lodge will name the Class of 2022 Vigil Honor candidates as well.

Please tell your scouting friends–especially those who aren’t active in the Order–all about what we do and how they can join in. We want everyone to be a part of the fun!


Nick Prainito

2021-22 Chapter Chief