Brotherhood Resources

Hello All Brothers,

Thank you for visiting our resource page! Here you will be able to find all information that you may need for Brotherhood!

Ordeal Members:

Welcome to the Boone Trails Chapter Website! We are glad you are here to learn about how to grow in our order, expecially moving on to your next step, Brotherhood! The greatest resource for you is the following website and the password to access this site is obligation.

The Second Greatest Resource that you have is this Brotherhood Study Guide put together by Chapter Adviser Christopher Keesey! Click Here to download the Training and Questions Guide!

Brotherhood and Vigil Members:

Congratulations on earning your Brotherhood, but please remember not to stop! You guys are the blood of the Chapter, and we need you to show up to be role models to the chapter! Every fall, the Chapter is looking for new members in the order to step up and take over the Leadership of this Chapter! Please consider running for an Officer Position (Chief, Vice-Chief, or Secretary), or a Chairmen Position! If you are interested in a Chairmen Position, let your newly elected Chapter Chief know at the Fall Reunion!

Beyond Brotherhood is a great award to honor all those Arrowmen that have gone beyond the daily nature of the Order. Please be sure to check out the Beyond Brotherhood Page for more information!

If you have any ideas of other resources you would like to see on this page, please email Fabian Linton at (Chapter Chief)