Elangomat Program

Elangomat is the Lenni Lenape word meaning friend. As an Elangomat you’ll be responsible for a “clan” of 6-10 candidates whom you’ll work with during their Ordeal. You will spend most of the day with your clan, eating the same food, doing the same work, and setting an example of brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service, which the candidates learn through you. A brief training course given by your chapter or the lodge will tell you all you’ll need to know as an Elangomat. Because of the influence you’ll have in motivating the quality of your new brothers, your service as an Elangomat is one of the most important and rewarding things you can do in the lodge.

Being an Elangomat is one way of getting a
requirement signed-off for Brotherhood!

Extended Elangomat Program

In order to better the Induction Process, the Extended Elangomat program is essential in getting new members in our Lodge aware of events and meetings that help them along the path towards brotherhood. This program will aid in the induction of candidates and help them seal their membership in the Order. If you would like to play a crucial part of this important program, contact Fabian Linton at fabian.linton@shawneelodge.org (Chapter Chief) and tell him you want to be an Elangomat. 
An Elangomat will be presented the first half of the patch upon completion of his work day with the candidates. In order to earn the second half of the patch the elangomat must complete the following requirements and get them signed off by the chapter chief.

Extended Elangomat Requirements:

  1. Attend both Lodge and Chapter Elangomat training sessions.
  2. Lead a clan of 5-10 candidates through their service at either the Fall Reunion or Spring Conclave, and lead the group in discussion.
  3. Maintain contact with the members of the clan for a period of one year, and encourage participation at Order of the Arrow events as well as completion of the Brotherhood Card.
  4. At the discretion of the Chapter Chief and Advisor, the clan should have a quality rate of members who attain the Brotherhood Honor after their one year membership in the Order of the Arrow.