November Chapter Meeting

Hello Fellow Arrowmen!

This is just a friendly reminder that the November Chapter Meeting is on 11/13/14. We urge all new Arrowmen to come and meet fellow members of your chapter. We meet at the Knights of Columbus hall in Cottleville at 7pm. We are currently thinking of a theme to go with the meeting. If there are any questions you can contact any of the officers.

See you at the November chapter meeting.

NOAC 2015

Hello Fellow Arrowman,

If you want to go to NOAC 2015 sign ups start today (10/9/14) and run to Monday the 13th of October. To sign up go to the Shawnee Lodge website and all you need to put down is 100 dollars and the total cost is 700 dollars approximately. This will be the 100th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow, so this NOAC will make for the best one in history. We highly recommend all of you to go and experience this once and a lifetime experience. Remember to sign up before Monday to reserve your spot now!

Interesting Information about our Chapter!

The Vigil Membership in our chapter is very vast, but have you ever wanted to know more information about them? Check out the Vigil List which has some really cool information about each member.

Also, Have you ever wondered who our Chapter Chief and Advisers were way back when? Check out the Boone Trails Chiefs Document with this information!