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Do a good turn Daily

Do a good turn daily sign up for the next service project below!


If you want to know events for later in the year click here


Be Prepared for the next camping experience, that is on August 21st - 23rd for Area concave

Cub Scout Day 1

We have a Service Opportunity!!!!

Saturday October 3rd there is the Cub Scout Day 1 event at Rotary Park in Wentzville. There will be more information as we get closer to the event, but if you would like to sign up now, then sign up below!


More Fall Reinion Info!!

More Fall Reunion Info!!

We need volunteers for different times of the Fall reunion

1 – For sign in at Scout Lodge on Friday Night

2 – For Friday’s Show at the Famous Eagle dining hall at 7 PM

3 – For Saturday’s Show at the Famous Eagle dining hall at 5:30 PM

Sign ups for all of these should send an email to
Adam.Woodward@Shawneelodge.org with your name and phone number. By 9 PM tomorrow.

Anyone who wants to help with Brotherhood Questions sign up below


Fall Reunion Updates

There is a sign up sheet for prospective elangomats the link is below. We will have brotherhood questions all day until 4 at chapter HQ on Saturday. For those working in the service project please bring claw hammers, pry bars, screwdrivers, saws, work gloves, rakes, shovels, bottles of water, bug spray & sunscreen. Also, if you aren’t registered for the fall reunion, then you can sign up below.

Elangomat sign up form

Fall Reunion Sign Up

Area Conclave update

For the Area conclave, please bring Loppers and bow saws for the service project, also there qill be an elangomat training session at the gazebo at 6pm on Saturday.


If your troop had a tap out ceremony out of council, and you have pre-ordeal candidates that need to spend the night alone, the lodge has organized an event where that is possible, on Saturday August 22nd at 7:30pm please come to Beaumont Scout Reservation’s council ring for check in. Please note an adult MUST stay with your candidates overnight even if they aren’t participating in the ceremony. Adults can sleep in the camporee field. Any scout without an adult will be turned away. All candidates must wear their full class a uniform and bring sleeping bag, full water bottle & a ground tarp.

Fall Reunion and Section Conclave

The fall reunion is going to be held at S-F scout ranch September 11th-13th. The lodge is planning celebrations to commemorate the 100th year of our order & 50th year of S-F scout ranch. More info to come from Shawneelodge.org

Section Conclave

Section C3B Conclave is September 18th-20th at Rhodes France Scout  Ranch in Illinois, they are also planning an 100th year anniversary. More to come from Shawneelodge.org & Sectionc3b.org

Area Conclave / August Chapter Meeting


We are trying something NEW this year and participation is REALLY needed for the North Star and Boone Trails Area Conclave August 21st-23rd at Beaumont. This will be a weekend of fun filled activities and there will also be a service project (so be bring rakes and tools). We will be camping in the Shippey area. Laemmli and Nusser are for program and overflow. These areas will be marked so you know where to put your troops. Registration starts at 5:00pm for the event. We will be providing a hot dinner Saturday night but all the other meals will have to be provided by your troops. We will also be having our August Chapter Meeting at this event. Uniform is optional for the Chapter Meeting. Bring your suggestions for Chapter Officers for the 2015-16 year!

On Saturday we do have the Beaumont pool reserved! Bring your BUDDY TAG (if you have one), swim trunks, towel, soap (for a shower), pool toys. We will need lifeguards too! Please let me know if you can help with being a life guard!

IF YOUR TROOP IS PLANNING ON ATTENDING THE EVENT, PLEASE RSVP with a quantity attending to: adam.woodward@shawneelodge.org for Boone Trails Chapter. Individuals may attend but need to team up with someone for two deep leadership. For changes and more go to our chapter Facebook page


There is a $10 cost per person for the event for the cost of Saturday dinner, camp grounds, pool, etc. That money will be collected at the event during registration. It is also possible to only come down for the Chapter meeting at 3pm.


Interesting Information about our Chapter!

The Vigil Membership in our chapter is very vast, but have you ever wanted to know more information about them? Check out the Vigil List which has some really cool information about each member.

Also, Have you ever wondered who our Chapter Chief and Advisers were way back when? Check out the Boone Trails Chiefs Document with this information!