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Be Prepared for the next camping experience, sadly that is in august for section concave

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Happy Summer Camping!

Summer Camp is almost HERE!!! We hope you are all excited! If we can help you with anything over the Summer please feel free to contact the Chapter Officers/Advisor at their name@shawneelodge.org! (Like you need to contact Adam Woodward, so you’d email Adam.Woodward@shawneelodge.org) Also, there is a list of all Officers and Chairmen on the Contact us page. Happy Camping!

Interesting Information about our Chapter!

The Vigil Membership in our chapter is very vast, but have you ever wanted to know more information about them? Check out the Vigil List which has some really cool information about each member.

Also, Have you ever wondered who our Chapter Chief and Advisers were way back when? Check out the Boone Trails Chiefs Document with this information!