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This website has all the info you need for your OA journey in Boone Trails. Whether you’re a newly-elected candidate or the National Chief, you can get any and all info needed here.

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Next Big Event: Fellowship Festival and August Chapter Meeting!

August 13: Fellowship Festival and August Chapter Meeting @ Beaumont

The 2022 Fellowship Festival, which is an event full of brotherhood and fun activities, will take place at Beaumont once again and feature seven of Shawnee Lodge’s nine chapters! It’s an event that’s not to be missed! Newly-elected candidates from 2022 are invited to attend to get a taste of the Order of the Arrow. There will be swimming, shooting, carnival games, and more! In addition, you can bring $5 if you wish to purchase food at the event. The Fellowship Festival will take place from 12-4 PM and Boone Trails will also have its August Chapter Meeting at this event.

Please refer to the event calendar for all other upcoming events.

2022-2023 Chapter Officer Nominations

At the 2022 Fall Reunion, youth arrowmen from Boone Trails will elect new chapter officers for the 2022-2023 term. With the assistance of a team of chairmen and advisors, the four chapter officers lead the Chapter Executive Committee and plan the annual program for the chapter. If you are interested in running for a position for the 2022-2023 term, fill out this form and the Nominating Committee will consider you for a spot on the ballot! Thank you for your interest and willingness to serve our Order.

The election is held at the Fall Reunion Chapter Meeting which will be held Saturday, September 10. Nominations for candidates will close one hour ahead of the posted time the meeting begins.

New Lodge Ceremonialist Recognition Program

Shawnee Lodge has implemented a brand-new Ceremonial Team Recognition Program for 2022 and beyond! The program features a hanging patch and pins to place on the patch. Both will be available for purchase at lodge events with a trading post.

To earn the patch and first pin, an arrowman must participate in two ceremonies and attend an event designed to better ceremonial teams.

To earn additional pins, an arrowman must participate in two ceremonies since the last pin earned.

More info about this exciting new program can be found here! If you have participated in ceremonies in the past, those count for the award!

Have you paid your 2022 dues?

Only dues-paid members are considered “arrowmen in good standing” with Shawnee Lodge. This status includes the right to attend chapter and lodge events, hold leadership positions, receive publications, receive honors given by the chapter or lodge, and wear a lodge flap.

Pay 2022 lodge dues here!