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Chapter Officers and Adviser (from Left to Right) Jobs (Left to Right)

      Gabriel Stahr, Matthew Traum, Kevin Griffin, Rollin Jackson Jr., Mike Weinstroer

Secretary, 1st Vice Chief, Chief, 2nd Vice Chief, Chapter Advisor

Chapter Officers and Advisor:

  • Chief: Kevin Griffin                                                               (
  • 1st Vice Chief: Matthew Traum                                        (
  • 2nd Vice Chief: Rollin Jackson Jr.                                   (
  • Secretary: Gabriel Stahr                                                      (
  • Advisor: Mike Weinstroer                                                   (

Chapter Chairmen:

  • Elangomat: James Venegoni
  • Program: Caleb Fink                                                           (
  • Troop Representative: Christopher Doering
  • Camp Promotion: Adian Hammond
  • Cub Scout Support: Adian Hammond
  • Ceremony Support: Connor Doherty
  • Recognition: Fabian Linton
  • Social Media Chairman: Sam Baumann                    (
  • Service Chairman: Erik Smith                                       (
  • Ordeal Chairman: Stephen Alexander
  • Brotherhood Chairman: Ryan Caution
  • Website Chair: Stephen Derenski                                 (