Event Calendar

Lists all chapter, lodge, sectional, and national events through Fall Reunion 2022.


13: Chapter Meeting – Fellowship Festival and August Chapter Meeting @ Beaumont

The 2022 Fellowship Festival, which is an event full of brotherhood and fun activities, will take place at Beaumont once again and feature seven of Shawnee Lodge’s nine chapters! It’s an event that’s not to be missed! Newly-elected candidates from 2022 are invited to attend to get a taste of the Order of the Arrow. There will be swimming, shooting, carnival games, and more! In addition, you can bring $5 if you wish to purchase food at the event. The Fellowship Festival will take place from 12-4 PM and Boone Trails will also have its August Chapter Meeting at this event.

20-21: Pre-Ordeal Makeup @ Beaumont

If you, or a candidate from your unit, have not yet completed the Pre-Ordeal ceremony, Shawnee Lodge will offer a ceremony and overnight at Beaumont. Check-in begins at 7:30 PM Saturday night and closes at 8; candidates will be dismissed by 7 AM Sunday morning. Please note that every unit with scouts attending must have at least one adult leader present at this event. More information and registration (free) is available here.


9-11: Shawnee Lodge Fall Reunion @ S-F Ranch

You won’t want to miss our lodge’s biggest annual event! This is the first of two opportunities for those elected in 2022 to be inducted into our Order. Those eligible can seal their membership by receiving the Brotherhood Honor. Our chapter and Shawnee Lodge will also conduct officer elections for 2022-2023 at this event. If you are interested in running for a chapter office, please fill out this form. If you are interested in running for a lodge office, please fill out this form.